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Products and Services

DONOHO DESIGN GROUP L.L.C. is a newly formed iphone consulting group. We will work with clients to design iPad and iPhone applications. To schedule a consultation or contact Andrew for iphone design visit the Contact Information page.

retweever logo

Retweever® is an inovative iPad application that sorts through your twitter stream and finds the topics that are most important to you. It is primarily a monitoring client with visual representations of your tweetfall and the ability to tweet back to people. You can find Retweever on the iPhone Application Store.

Punch It Out logo
Punch It Out™

Keep your project on track with Punch It Out™. Punch It Out makes it easy -- add an item, take the picture and email the contractor. Everybody now knows what is wrong and that it needs fixin’. Find Punch It Out on the iPhone Application Store

Message Finder logo
Message Finder™

Message Finder™ makes it easy to find an email on your iPhone. At a restaurant and looking for your daily deal? Tap Coupon and locate it in seconds. Need your boarding pass at the airport? Check Travel. It's the email you want, when you want it. Check out Message Finder on the iPhone Application Store

Texas Observer logo
The Texas Observer

Airstone is the engine powering The Texas Observer. In the Observer’s case, Airstone provides high quality rendering of the magazine, single copy sales and access to the Observer’s web site.Check out the Texas Observer app on the iPad Application Store

Startup Crawl logo
Atx Startup Crawl

Come to the Austin, TX Startup Crawl on October 9, 2013! Learn more about this year's Startup Crawl. Or download the app on the iPhone Application Store.

weLost logo

weLost is the first of many iPhone programs brought to you by DDG. It is an interactive weight loss program that brings a unique community aspect. Users will be able to enter and track their weight over time and share their progress with friends. This will allow friends to encourage and give congratulations where they are due. You can find weLost on the iPhone Application Store. Note: This application is mainly for weight loss, but can be used to track weight gain. For more information on weLost, visit the weLost website.