Andrew W. Donoho

5413 Shoalwood Avenue

Austin, TX 78756-1619, (512) 750-7596 (m)




OBJECTIVE: Use my analytical, business and engineering skills to make powerful and easy to use computer products.



I have 2 major skill areas: iPhone Programming and Technology Strategy.


I have been programming the iPhone since February 2009. I have developed 2 personal apps, weLost™ and Retweever™ (née ch@tter™), on the iPhone App Store. Both programs implement complex, custom interfaces using databases and networking with REST servers. weLost connects to both Twitter and Facebook. Retweever is a special analysis and visualization Twitter client. I also lead the team that developed the Texas Observer for iPad. Other client projects are underway.


All three products have resulted in a set of reusable libraries I use in both my consulting practice and as foundation technology for my various startup activities. While I am an all around iOS programmer, I focus upon REST networking, background/multi-threaded processing, Core Data databases and displaying PDFs. In other words, I work on the “hard stuff.”


With respect to technology strategy, I worked in the following areas for 11 years with IBM:

Š       Strategic Technical and Business Analysis.

Š       Web Standards (SVG, XHTML, XForms)

Š       Consumer Electronics Standards (UPnP)

Š       Applying Emerging Web Standards (XMPP and AJAX)



3 User Interface patents: #7,554,564 B1, #7,567,220 B1, #7,577,913 B1. Assigned to IBM.



1978-1983 B.S. in Physics with Special Honors in Physics, The University of Texas at Austin.

Senior thesis topic: Developing an Apparatus to Determine the Electronic Band Structure of Ferromagnetic Iron.



2011 – present: CEO, Airstone Media, Inc.

2009 – present: President, Donoho Design Group, LLC

Donoho Design Group, LLC is a small iOS development consulting business. Airstone Media, Inc. brings magazines together with social media on the iPad.


1997-2009 Web Theorist, IBM

It was my responsibility to craft IBM’s technical strategy to ensure alternative browser and client application programming models. I was integral to IBM’s decision to help form the Mozilla Foundation. This position evolved to encompass multiple emerging technologies – bidirectional web programming, device integration and enterprise mash-up techniques. My recent work involves extending server mash-up technologies to integrate client P2P media flows with enterprise data.


1996-1997 Mac OS Technical Lead, IBM

I joined IBM to technically lead our Mac OS licensing activities. We were successful. Mr. Jobs at Apple rescinded our OS license.


1989-2000 Adjunct Faculty, Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin.

As Adjunct Faculty, I taught classes in Information Design and participated in research for digital libraries.


1983-1996 Founder of 3 companies, D2 Software, Donoho Design Group and Fusion Data Systems.

Startup companies in, respectively, scientific visualization, development consulting and multi-processor hardware products.


Personal: I am married with a college age stepdaughter. I have lived in Austin for 33 years. In 2001, we built a passive and active solar home. It was a part of the 2003 Texas Solar Energy Society’s “Cool House Tour”. I am a former Commissioner on the City of Austin's Resource Management Commission. I helped oversee the conservation and energy efficiency activities of Austin Energy, a $1 billion in revenue municipal energy utility.